Laniado Hospital Needs Your Help!

An Open Letter from the Board of Directors of Canadian Friends of Laniado Hospital.


You are cordially invited to join us, for Laniado Hospital's annual fundraiser! With your help and generous participation, our goal this year is to assist in acquiring the proper equipment for the hospital's NICU (Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit) and other areas of need. Canadian Friends of Laniado are aspiring to donate a ventilator for the cardiology unit, an external feeding pump for the geriatric unit and an open transport warmer for the newborn unit. But we cannot do it alone.


Each year, Laniado Hospital serves over 350,000 people in Netanya, with no discrimination to ethnicity. Their neo-natal ward delivers more than 7000 babies annually. Laniado's Birthing center combines state of the art technology with attentive and sensitive care prior to, during and following labor and birth. Laniado Hospital itself, was born out of kindness, and in the spirit of love and kindness, we kindly request your presence to help us continue the legacy of Laniado Hospital.


Please join us on January 20, 2018 at the beautiful Windsor Arms in vibrant downtown Toronto for an evening of music, networking and tapas from one of the best kosher kitchen in the city.


Details for the event are as follows:

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Strategic clinical partnership with BioGenCell

BioGenCell teamed up with Laniado Hospital Sanz Medical Center to clinically develop its groundbreaking technology. The hospital is a Technion affiliated hospital that is renowned for its compassionate care and leadership in cutting-edge medicine. Laniado Hospital supported BioGenCell, a clinical phase company, from its inception.

Before establishing BioGenCell, its entrepreneurs Dr. Yael Porat and Prof. Michael Belkin developed successful stem cell therapies for blood vessels diseases in heart patients (more than 400 ‘no option’ heart patients were treated) that were also applied in 2 successful clinical studies to Critical limb ischemia patients. Both Dr. Porat (XTL, Teva, TheraVitae) and Prof. Belkin (Incumbent of the Chair of Ophthalmology in Tel Aviv University, and a member of the IRB of Sheba medical Center for more than 30 years) are highly experienced with product and clinical development in full compliance with the high standards required by different regulatory authorities.

Key scientific and business opinion leaders who share the company’s vision are advising the team to further enhance the extensive experience of the team’s founders.

For more data about BioGenCell and the groundbreaking proprietary technology:


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